About us

Sustainability with Qi beauty founder,  Kathy Pedersen

“Qi beauty is concerned with the energy of skin – the outer most evidence of energy within. The balance between beauty and health is integral to the Qi beauty concept, one never compromising the other. We view the landscape of a face, the depth of lines, facial volume and skin behaviour, as a manifestation of an energetic system (the body) with consideration to balance and Qi deficiencies.

We live in a world with economies concerned with energy – acquiring it, creating it, consuming it and the problem of storing it. People are likewise concerned with their energy on a biological level, how to eat for optimal energy, healthy ways to spend energy and how to maintain energy as they grow older. Chronic fatigue, adrenal collapse, infertility, auto immune diseases and premature ageing are all part of the cycle of diminishing cellular integrity, that is, energy.

‘Poor health will destroy beauty,

good health will preserve it.’

We thank the hundreds of women who, over the years have experienced the results of Activating Qi and sharing their results with others.  All images on the Qi beauty websites (both educational and social sites), including visual media displaying facial treatments and the Home Kit are real and untouched.”

Our sustainability efforts are concerned with physical, economical and environmental impacts of Qi beauty.

Certified Australian Made  No animal testing  No Parabens, Sulfate, Ethoxylate, Silicone, DE, Palm Oil or artificial colours.