How it Works...

Easy As 1,2,3

The Qi beauty Home Kit was designed to offer sustainable age-control for people of all ages to use overnight as an anti-aging treatment, but it didn’t take long for women to discover the benefits of using the Home Kit as a mask, applied to the skin and left in place for as little as 30 minutes to promote a firm pout, or an hour to define the jawline or brighten skin.

The benefits for skin vary depending on age, damage, health and conditions. Young women notice an instant improvement in volume, tone and ‘glow’ of the skin, as the Home Kit stimulates nutrients to support and help restore a clear complexion. The home kit can be adapted for younger skin to promote drainage (for a defined jaw and longer looking neck) and help fade blemishes and increase circulation for clear skin. Using the personalised face map, women can use the Home Kit to sculpt facial features and contour the face based on bone structure. Higher cheeks, a full pout, defined jaw and raised brow can all be achieved with a personalised face map.

The Qi beauty Mini Kits are small Home Kits that target specific areas including the Eye Lift and Lip Lift,  perfect for younger skin or for those who just want to reduce fine lines around the eyes, increase skin elasticity in this area or improve the lip line for more definition.

Of course if you have the Home Kit adapted especially for you, the lip lift and eye lift will be included on your personalised face map.

How to use Qi beauty:

Apply the personalised lip lift as specified on the face map to give lips some extra oomph! Use the Qi beauty intense oil to maintain a healthy balance, reduce inflammation and maintain hydration. While you’re on-the-go, keep a travel spritz handy to maintain hydration (particularly in the warmer months!). Qi beauty spritz is Australian Actress Margot Robbie’s “can’t live without” product.

How It Works: The Future

It takes red blood cells about 110 days to regenerate, bones: anywhere from 9 months to 4 years, and skin regenerates every 55-60 days in a process called desquamation. When skin cells die and are replaced by new cells, they are replaced by a cell that is the memory of its former cell. i.e; a 20 year old cell is replaced by a new cell with the memory of a 20 year old cell, a 40 year old cell is replaced by a new cell with the memory of a 40 year old cell & so forth. Your new cell will be replaced in the memory of cells that have left the body.

A 40 year old cell behaves differently to a 20 year old cell. It moves more slowly and is less capable of repair. Unrepaired damage to skin accumulates and this retards the ability to recover and regenerate. As defined by Professor Austad of Cellular and Structural Biology at the University of Texas, “Ageing is the gradual failure of repair”. Qi beauty draws from research into the effects of static magnetic fields and combine it with Qi to apply the principles of cellular memory and regeneration.

According to research, stimulating skin cells throughout their life cycle may encourage greater activity and a more energetic performance of skin cells so that every 55-60 days cells may be replaced in the memory of more energetic cells. Specific and frequent stimulation is the key to help promote natural, healthy regeneration.

As we know, the aging process is the gradual loss of repair, that is, the ability for skin to repair. Cells move more slowly as they age, Qi beauty uses magnetic stimulation to activate the cells to make them move faster, more energetically and behave more like younger cells. What we discovered was that to improve the health, appearance and quality of the skin, cells required regular stimulation so the memory of the cell when it was replaced in the desquamation process was that of a faster moving, healthier cell. The Qi beauty Home Kit and Facial Treatment stimulates cells to move more quickly in the presence of a magnetic field, this is all done within an acupuncture matrix so that the memory becomes accustomed to the energetic behaviour initiated during stimulation.

Frequency of use for the first regenerative cell cycle is integral to the results of the Qi beauty Home Kit. Case Studies showed that every second night for the first 6 weeks is optimal. If you wish to continue the routine at this level to see just how far you can go with this product it is safe to do so but we advise that our studies revealed that using the Home Kit to stimulate the same acu-point every night for more than two weeks may lead a break outs on the acu-point. A Qi beauty practitioner can advise you in this.

Some people are happy to maintain a certain level of Qi by using the system twice a week and may introduce a lip lift night once a week to concentrate on the lip line while others continue to use three times a week to maintain volume and lift. It does not take long to understand how to adapt the Home Kit, and once the benefits are seen, users soon discover for themselves how to fill a line, create a pout and enjoy lasting results.

“Reconnecting the energy skin needs for beauty”

Thermal Images

To determine the effects of the Qi beauty stimulating Home Kit, Southport Thermal Imaging used their advanced thermal imaging unit to detect and measure alterations around the face to compare images before and after patch application. Monday morning at 8am thermal images were taken of our model(see before).

That night Qi beauty magnetic patches were applied to acupuncture points using the Qi beauty face map contained in the kit as a guide. Twelve stimulating patches were worn for the first time. The acupuncture points interconnected to activate deep circulation and intense hydration. The next morning at 8am thermal images of the face were recorded. The results were conclusive. The thermal images show increased circulation after only one application! Increased colour red and yellow indicates an increase in blood supply and local tissue temperature. Because these acupuncture points interconnect the entire face is stimulated, increasing cellular activity to tighten, lift and define.

“Visual comparison before and after patch application shows significant increase in the surface temperature of the skin after using the Qi beauty anti-ageing patch system for the first time.”

These thermal images show alterations in the skin surface temperature to a depth of 6mm, reaching the dermis which houses the collagen producing cells. The increased blood supply and circulation assists movement within skin layers to help encourage collagen production and hydration which tightens wrinkled and dehydrated skin. Qi beauty helps to restore the energy that is lost each day, leaving the skin tighter, smoother, less wrinkled and more alive.

Qi Stimulation Promotes Circulation

Take a closer look at the areas of stimulation and you will see the Qi beauty GOLD plated micro- stimulators target the areas most affected by toxic skin factors. Nicotine exposure, UV radiation and environmental toxins dehydrates skin, restricts tiny blood vessels and decreases the ability of the skin to oxygenate. Qi beauty stimulates skin to assist with greater circulation. Circulation is necessary to encourage the removal of blockages and surface congestion and enhanced lymphatic drainage for more efficient elimination of toxins.

Science teaches that a static magnetic field can re-organise intercellular lipids. The acupuncture points once stimulated and combined with a static magnetic field work to help increase cellular activity to help encourage collagen synthesis. The gold is tonifying the skin, which always appears brighter. Qi beauty … for bright eyes… fuller lips and a healthy glow.